Academic Information

Semester Schedule:

  • Each Semester shall be of 6 Months duration.
  • All odd Semesters shall be between July & December.
  • All Even Semesters shall be from January to June.
  • No of subjects in each Semester: 6 or 7.


Carryover System:

  • Full Carryover from odd Semesters to Even Semesters.
  • From 2nd to 3rd Semester: not more than 4 due subjects of 1st & 2nd Semester together are eligible for 3rd SEMESTER.
  • From 4th to 5th Semester: not more than 4 due subjects from previous – 1, 2, 3 & 4th Semesters together are eligible for 5th SEMESTER as per DTE Order.
  • Aggregate percentage of Marks scored in 3rd to 6th Semesters will be considered as total Percentage of Marks for Course Completion Certificate.


  • New C-20 Diploma NEW Syllabus is introduced from the academic Year 2020-21 for all Courses.
  • Lateral Entry for PUC (PCM) Passed and ITI (NCVT) Passed students: They can directly join to 2nd Year 3rd Semester from 2019-20 onwards in all courses. 
  • C-15 Syllabus OBE-(Outcome Based Education) Syllabus for all Diploma Disciplines has been introduced from the academic Year 2015-16.
  • For BE lateral Entry, DCET (Diploma Common Entrance Test) was introduced for Diploma Students:from the Academic Year 2012-13.
  • Revised Semester System Syllabus have been introduced from the Academic Year 2009-2010.
  • Semester System have been introduced from the Academic Year 2003-2004.

Evaluation for NEW OBE (Outcome Based Education System) Semester Subjects : 

Particulars End Examination
Max Marks
End Examination
Min Marks
Internal Assessment Marks (IA) Total = End Exam + IA Min Marks for Passing
(Including IA
Theory Subjects 100 35 25 125 45
 Practical Subjects 50 25 25 75 35

      Note: IA marks 25 is evaluated by considering Average of Three IA Tests for 20 marks and Students activities, Assignments, Mini Projects will carry 05 marks.
  * – No Minimum Marks for Internal Assessment.