Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events:

The Department of Technical Education Notified Calendar of Events for the Semester scheme Courses of all polytechnics in the state. The following academic activities have been fixed for the current Academic year for all Government / Aided and Private Polytechnics in Karnataka state.

Calendar of Events for 2023 – 2024

For all ODD Semesters

SL. No.  Academic Activities  Dates
1.  All ODD Semesters (1, 3 & 5th SEMESTERS) Duration:

Contact/ Offline Classes for First Semesters

Contact/ Offline Classes for III and V Semesters


 From 3rd July to 29 th November 2023

 From 31st July to 29 th November 2023

2.  Commencement of Induction & Orientation Classes for 1 st 

 Semester (All Branches):

 Commencement of  Classes for 3 rd & 5 th Semesters:

Ending of Class work for all ODD Semesters:


From 3rd July to 20th July 2023.

 From 31st July 2023 onwards

 on 29 th November 2023

3.  Commencement of End Exams for all Odd Semesters 

 and Supplementary Examinations:

 Practical Exams for C-20 Series &   Theory  Exams for C-15 OLD Series:

 2 nd December to 15 th December 2023

 Theory Exams for C-20 Series:

 15 th December 2023 to 4 th January 2024

4.  Mid-Term Vacation for students:  05 th to 7th of January 2024
5.  ODD Semester End Examinations Results:  Second Week of February 2024 (Tentative)


For all EVEN Semesters

SL. No.  Academic Activities  Dates
1.  All Even Semesters (2, 4 & 6 th Semesters) Duration:  From 8 th January 2024

 to 30 th April 2024

2.  Commencement of (Even Sems) 2, 4 & 6 th Semester    Diploma Classes:

Ending of Class work for all Even Semesters

 8 th Janury 2024

 30 th April 2024
3.  Commencement of End Exams for all Even Semesters
 and Supplementary Examinations:
 Practical Exams for C-20 Series &   Theory Exams for C-15 OLD Series:

 2nd May to 15 th May 2024

 Theory Exams for C-20 Series:

 17 th May to 30 th May 2024

4.  Mid-Term Vacation for students:  30 th May to 20 th June 2024
 5.  Even Semester End Examinations Results:  In the Last week of June 2024.


Calendar of Events for 2023 – 2024

[ For the Academic Year 2023-24]

“INAGURATION”-On 3rd July 2023: WELCOME function for all First Semester Students, Inauguration by His Holiness Sree Sree Siddalinga Swamiji, President, Sree Siddaganga Education Society (R), Tumakuru.

“CLASSES COMMENCING”:- For all ODD SEMESTERS From 31st July 2023 : the Offline Classes will commence.

“INDEPENDENCE DAY”-76th Independence Day Celebrations on 15.08.2023, Flag Hoisting @ 8.00.AM

“TEACHERS DAY”– 5 th September 2023- The Day of celebrations to wish the Teachers

“ENGINEERS DAY” – 15 th September 2023 – The day dedicated to wish the Little Engineers and their Masters.

“ALUMNI MEET”-Fourth state level Alumni Meet of SPTians, the old students is scheduled on 7th October 2023.

“KANNADA RAJYOTHSAVA”-Celebrations of Kannad Kalarava on November 1 st 2023.

“NEW YEAR”– 1 st Jan-2024 : A very happy and Prosperous New Year Celebrations.

“PUNYA SMARANE” – 21st January 2024: His Holiness Dr. Sree. Sree. Shivakumara Samiji’s 3rd year Punya Smarane.

“REPUBLIC DAY” -Flag-Hoisting in connection with REPUBLIC DAY celebrations on 26.01.2024 @ 8.30 A.M.

“ETHNIC DAY” – Ethnic Day Celebrations- The students may take opportunity and can come in traditional dresses, as they desire in the Third Week of March 2024.

“SPORTS & CULTURAL DAY”– Celebrated as College Day which is scheduled to be held in the month of April’2024

“GURUVANDANA”– April 1 st 2024, “KARNATAKA RATHNA” ” Padmabhushana” His Holiness Dr. Sree. Sree. Shivakumara Samiji’s Birthday as Founders day Celebration.

“AT HOME-2024”– A Closing ceremony for Final Year Students. His Holiness Sree Sree Siddalinga Mahaswamiji will bless all the outgoing students of this Institute.The Function is scheduled to be held in the third week of May-2024.


Jul-2023 03-07-2023 Commencement of academics 2023-24 for ODD Semesters [I,III and V]
 03-07-2023  to 06-07-2023 Tuning classes of English, Science & Maths for freshers
03-07-2023 Fiesta for the Freshers
09-11-2023 Orientation to Profession
10-12-2023 Accession (Induction) for Freshers
12-12-2023 Inauguration of First (SEM) Year Classes
15-12-2023 The Election of Class Representatives
16-17-2023 Celebration of “Guru Purnima”.
19-07-2023 Itinerary for Project Work Classes of Vth Semester students
26-07-2023 Personality Development Programme for Vth Semester students of all Branches.
Aug-2023 14-08-2023 Campus Spic & Span – “Swachh Barath Abhiyana”
15-08-2023 Salute the triumph of freedom (76th Independence day)
16-08-2023 17-08-2023 Continuous Internal Evaluation [CIE]-CO-1 & CO-2
20-08-2023 Celebration of “Sadbhavana Divas”
26-08-2023 Professional disclosure-Guest Lecture
Sep-2023 05-09-2023 Professional discourse.
05-09-2023 Saluting the moulder’s of the nation [Teachers day]
15-09-2023 Technocrats day [Engineer’s day]
16-09-2023 Swach Bharath – Swasth Bharath
16-09-2023 to 17-09-2023 Continuous Internal Evaluation [CIE]-CO-3 & CO-4
19-09-2023 Project work  Synopsis Submission.
Oct-2023 02-10-2023 Celebration of “Gandhi Jayanthi” Swach Bharath – Swasth Bharath
08-10-2023 [Ayudha Pooja]-Precation of “Technical Tool”
27-10-2023 Denouement of Odd Semesters.
17-10-2023 to 18-10-2023 Continuous Internal Evaluation [CIE]-CO-5 & CO-6
19-10-2023 Third Semester CSE students Industrial visit.
21-10-2023 Denouement of Odd Semesters- closing of Odd Sem
24-10-2023 Commencement of Odd semester Practical Examinations.
31-10-2023 “Ekta divas” (Unity day)- Birthday of Sri. Sardar Vallababhai Patel
Nov-2023 01-11-2023 ಕನ್ನಡ ರಾಜ್ಯೋತ್ಸವ -Celebration of Kannada Rajyotsava.
30-11-2022 Commencement of Odd semester Practical Examinations.
04-12-2023 Commencement of Odd semester Theory Examinations.
26-11-2023 Constitution day – Displaying of importance of constitution on notice board.
Dec-2023 02-12-2023 Set about to Even Semester.
03-12-2023 to 14-12-2023 Extensive survey camp of Civil Engineering Department for VITH sem
23-12-2023 to   28-12-2023 Inplant Training for VI th semester students of all Branches.
Jan-2024 05-01-2024 Initiate of sports activities.
06-01-2023 to 11-01-2024 ECE  industrial visit( IVTH and VITH sem)
13-01-2024 National Youth day  celebration- Swami Vivekananda Jayanthi.
21-01-2024 His Holiness Dr. Sree. Sree. Shivakumara Samiji’s 1st year Punya Smarane.
24-01-2024 25-01-2024 Continuous Internal Evaluation [CIE]-CO-1 & CO-2
26-01-2024 Republic day
31-01-2024 Martyrs day – “Shahid divas” [Paying tribute to “Father of Nation”, Remembering the “Agony” of selfless Leaders ” inter branch quiz competition “
Feb-2024 03-02-2024 to 08-02-2024 EE industrial visit (IV th and VI th  Sem Students)
08-02-2024 Initiate of frolic and folk lore
15-02-2024  “Exotic” of Siddaganga Polytechnic Family – Ethnic Day
17-02-2024 to 18-02-2024 Continuous Internal Evaluation [CIE]-CO-3 & CO-4
19-02-2024 to 21-02-2024 Display of Selected Projects at Siddaganga Mutt Exhibition.
Mar-2024 18-03-2024 Repose the beautiful colours of Siddaganga Polytechnic – College fest.
19-03-2024 Decamping for Final semester students of all branches- At Home
19-03-2024 Celebrating Women hood – Women’s Day
20-03-2024 to 21-03-2024 Continuous Internal Evaluation [CIE]-CO-5 & CO-6
24-03-2024 Curtain fall of Academic 2023-24
26-03-2024 Commencement of Even Semester Practical Exams
Apr-2024 01-04-2024 SSES Founder’s Birthday celebration
09-04-2024 Commencement of Even Semester Theory Exams.
30-04-2024 End of Academic Year 2023-24.