Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

The Department that was started in the year 1988 with an intake of 45 students and has grown steadily.

At present the faculty strength is 9 Lecturers, 2 Instructors and one Attender. The faculty always strives for imparting better knowledge to the students, works as a team in all the departmental affairs and never compromises on quality and standards of teaching. All the members of staff whole- heartedly volunteer for giving free additional coaching to the needy students outside the working hours of the department.

The Following Labs are facilitated as per the syllabi.

  1. Analog Electronics Lab
  2. Circuits Lab
  3. Digital Electronics Lab.
  4. Industrial Electronics Lab
  5. Communication Lab
  6. Advanced /Microprocessor Lab.
  7. Electronics Servicing Lab
  8. Simulation Lab