Lab Details – Electronics and Communication Engineering

  1. Analog Electronics Lab: The students design & rig up the lumped circuits and test its performance using some of the O/P devices like Dual channel C.R.O., Headphones, Millimeters and Lamp load etc.,
  2. Computer Centre: The Center has 30 Advanced Computer Systems. The Center is equipped with softwares like MASM, TASM, MICROSIM, ORCAD, MP LAB, MAT LAB, TURBO C and C++. Each student is provided individual System to work on.
  3. RADIO & TV SERVICING LAB: This Lab is equipped with 5 Monochrome and 1 Color TV Demonstration Kits. It is also equipped with U.V. Exposure Unit, Heating Oven, and Etching Unit. These equipments are made use in PCB Making. We also assemble & service single Band & two Band Radio receivers, Hobby Kits and other entertainment equipment.
  4. DIGITAL AND MICROPROCESSOR LAB: It is equipped with Fourteen 8085 Kits and Two 8086 Microprocessor Kits for the students to work on Assembly Language programs. Here the students also develop the Hardware for their Projects to be tested using Assembly language and MP Lab.