Lab Details – Civil Engineering Department

  1. Surveying Lab: This Lab is equipped with Total station, Theodolites, Dumpy level, Prismatic Compass, Metric Chain, etc., are used in Surveying Practice-I, II & III.
  2. CIVIL- CAD Lab: A Computer center equipped with advanced Intel Core i3 PC systems 30 in number along with UPS and Printers. This Lab also felicitate Auto CAD software for Building Drawing.
  3. Civil Engineering Material Testing Lab: This Lab is equipped with Compression Testing, Abration Testing, Impact Testing, Compact Testing and Motorized Sieve Shaker Machines along with Slump Cone, Vicat apparatus, Atterberg Limit Test Machines used in Civil Engineering Material Testing.
  4. Construction Practice Lab: Well equipped with Bar Bending Table, Levers, Hammer, and Steel Shuttering for Columns, Beams, Slabs, Mortar pans, Trovels, Measuring jars for Practicing.
  5. Hydraulics, Environmental & Plumbing Lab: It is equipped with Venturi Meter Machine, Centrifugal Pump Machine, Diff. Notch Machines, Burettes, Funnels, Volumetric flask and all other accessories required for training.